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Facial oval

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Over the years, the oval of the face acquires a certain flaccidity. Some people at an early age already have a slight sagging in the middle and lower third of the face. Facial sagging is one of the earliest signs of facial aging, it causes loss of the facial oval and lowering of the cheekbones, cheeks and/or eyebrows. With facial sagging treatments we achieve: · Repositioning of lowered eyebrows · Repositioning of the volume and position of the cheekbones and cheeks · Definition of the facial oval Facial sagging is produced by changes in: The dermis thins and loses elastic and collagen fibers, and loses smoothness and elasticity with a greater propensity to sagging. The subcutaneous layer, the fat pads responsible for the normal facial contour changes their position with age. The jaw and cheekbone lose projection and the nasolabial fold becomes accentuated. Retaining ligaments, when the zygomatic ligaments weaken, reduces the fat around the jaw. If the masseteric ligaments become loose, the cheeks droop, resulting in loss of the facial oval. The SMAS, superficial musculo-aponeurotic system, supports the skin and loses tension with age. The facial muscles intertwined with the SMAS can also lose tightness. We offer a treatment that restores the dermal matrix, promotes the formation of new collagen (neocollagenesis) and improves skin quality. The combined use of the immediate effect of hyaluronic acid and the prolonged collagen stimulation, thanks to calcium hydroxylapatite, may be an alternative for these needs. Hyaluronic particles spread between the collagen fibers of the deepest layer of the dermis to provide density and hydration. On the other hand, calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres act in the deep dermis to form a structure that favors the endogenous production of internal growth of fibroblasts. Over time, the carrier gel is reabsorbed and leaves in its place a firm and dense scaffold (porous three-dimensional structure) to achieve a gradual and long-lasting effect. In addition to the immediate tightening effect, there is a progressive densification of the dermis, making the skin feel firmer to the touch. You will also notice an improvement in the quality of the skin, more hydrated and softer.

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