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LED light therapy

Led Medical is a photodynamic therapy and biostimulation treatment for face, body and hair.

It is a low intensity laser aesthetic medicine device. It emits light at different frequencies to treat different skin problems.


Led Medical takes advantage of the natural biological effects of light to repair and stimulate cells.


LED visible light technology has a direct action on the skin, with different actions depending on the colour emitted.


Red colour: Stimulates collagen. It renews cells, has an anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing effect. Stimulates hair growth. Reduces hyperpigmentation. Minimises light scars. Reduces pore size and is anti-inflammatory.


Yellow colour: Activates blood and lymphatic circulation. Reduces swelling, inflammation and redness (rosacea). Soothes sunburn.


Green colour: Increases the tone of collagen fibres. Accelerates wound healing. Relieves pain.


Blue colour: Reduces bacteria responsible for 90% of the factors that contribute to acne. Regulates sebaceous glands. Purifies and calms oily and acneic skin.


For optimal results, the Led Medical light is combined with a treatment adapted to the specific needs of each skin. For example, it is combined with a peeling, a vitamin complex and/or a mask. The results are visible from the first session.

Led Medical is a device that uses low-intensity light-emitting diodes capable of emitting light similar to that of the sun, but suppressing ultraviolet rays.  The different therapies are identified by four colors in their emission ; red, blue, yellow and green.

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