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Marisa Sanchez

  • Graduate in Pharmacy

  • Postgraduate in Nutrition

  • University Expert in Sports Nutrition

  • Postgraduate in Dermatology and cosmetics


Dra. Natalia Garballó

Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine

  • Expert in advanced facial aesthetic medicine and facial harmonization with more than 15 years of experience


Dr. Julian Higuera

Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine

  • Specialized in aesthetic medicine and laser, with more than 20 years of experience in various hospitals.

  • Offers a comprehensive aesthetic medicine service seeking the personalization of each treatment.


Dr. Josep González Castro

  • General and Oncological Surgery

  • Specialist in medical-surgical dermatology and venereology


Dra. Esther Subirachs

Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine

  • Master in Aesthetic Medicine from the Spanish School of Aesthetic Medicine.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Dermopharmacy and Cosmetology for Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery

  • Postgraduate Medicine of Aging Diploma


Marta Vilardell

Aesthetic Medical Assistant

  • Technician in Medical Apparatus

Beauty Clinic

Quantum is a professional clinic resulting from a passion for health and beauty and the desire to make people feel good. Our team has excellent professionals who will help you find a solution to your problems,
always based on excellence.

We work with the most innovative techniques of aesthetic medicine.

The Quantum clinic is specially decorated, thinking of creating a warm and harmonious environment
and with the aim of creating well-being for all our patients. 

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