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Hormonal treatments

Bioidentical hormone therapy with pellets

Bioidentical therapy with pellets was originally developed in Europe during the 1930s. Its excellent results in the treatment of hormonal imbalance, especially in menopause, were quickly proven. The renowned and respected Dr. Robert B. Greenblatt, an endocrinologist and pioneer in the field, learned this method and introduced it to his American colleagues in 1939. Today, it is the most efficient method to correct hormonal imbalance in both women and men of all ages.

They are natural, safe and efficient.

The ideal hormone release system

Properly administered, the pellet delivery system constitutes the best, safest and most efficient method of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. In fact, it is the only one that exactly imitates the release process of the human ovaries and/or testicles themselves. This methodology ensures stability, punctuality and the doses that the body demands at all times. The heart rate, through the bloodstream, is what regulates the release of the hormone contained in the pellet.

There is no need to change patches, apply creams or remember to take the pill. Or suffer the radical changes in hormone levels in the blood, which other methods cause after their application.

The Precise Dose

Creams, pills, and patches release their hormonal content inconsistently, with frequent peaks and valleys, not what the organism really needs. The pellet method allows a release according to the needs at each specific moment, whether during physical exercise or while sleeping. Something that creams, gels or pills will be not able to achieve. The pellets ensure stable blood levels, as was clearly established in the study led by Drs. Smith and Studd in 1993.

A simple insert

It is a painless intervention that lasts five minutes. Once the pellet is implanted, a tiny amount of natural hormone flows through the bloodstream to its receptors to the extent that the body requires at all times. Just like ovaries and/or testicles do. Our SottoPelle® Therapy uses a dose calculation method, developed through experience with patients over more than 30 years. It is therefore an individualized treatment.


Stimulates and Preserves Bone Density

As we age and hormone levels drop dangerously low, maintaining correct bone density is vital for health. Fluctuating levels of estrogen and testosterone weaken bones and increase the risk of fractures. Women who undergo surgical menopause must pay special attention to their hormonal levels since they are at high risk of developing osteoporosis. It has been shown that pellet therapy increases bone density by 8.3% annually and multiplies by 4 the bone density obtained with treatment with pills or by 2.5 that obtained by patches or gels.

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